Hello, neighbours

Hello, neighbours!

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We’ve been on the block since 1999, back when Elliot graduated, and we’ve been staring up at that Truman chimney ever since. We’re smaller than a Wieden+Kennedy so we don’t have Nike or Deliveroo on our books (only on our feet and our phones). We’re a little agency with big capabilities, writing and creating and designing, championing hard workers. If you’re considering some branding or design, for print or display, maybe a website or some video, give us a shout soonest. We’ll bring the fireworks.

🤙 Call 020 3813 9801
✉️ Email sparks@wireforks.com

☕ Knock 91 Brick Lane
📲 Instagram @wwwireforks

Photography + Website + Illustration for Hurwundeki — Hair salon and vintage shop in Cambridge Heath
Put together over a single weekend ✅

Merchandise for Japan Centre — Food hall in Piccadilly Circus
A week to draw and design ✅

Identity + Photography + Film + Website + Signage for Four Store — Terrarium store in Shoreditch
Half day shoot in store and some days on screen ✅

Branding + Signage for Stokey Karaoke — Karaoke bar in Stoke Newington
A few days of sketching and presenting ✅

Photography + Branding + Stationery + Website for n21michelle.fitness — Fitness instructor in Winchmore Hill
Heads down for a couple of weeks and now ready for launch ✅

Photography + Branding + Stationery + Website for CHIII.UK — Fitness instructor all over London
First stage of a package project completed over a month ✅

Image-making + Menu + Website for Jin Kichi — Restaurant in Hampstead
A relationship now 10 years strong ✅

Film + Interview for Takara Belmont — Maker of hairdressing furniture in Bow
A day’s shooting at their head office then a couple more for editing ✅

So, how about a coffee by the Truman gates or lunch at Spitalfields? We’re here to get involved with your next creative need, however big or small. Find Elliot or Tai-li and we can start something today. Local friends ftw.

🤙 Call 020 3813 9801
✉️ Email sparks@wireforks.com

☕ Knock 91 Brick Lane
📲 Instagram @wwwireforks