wwwe’re an independent creative agency with big capabilities. We’re agile, able and full of energy to invigorate your brand and support your project as if it were ours. Our studio is located on Brick Lane in London, where we gather as a team of creative professionals to conduct, write and design.

Identity &
Graphic Design

Whatever work we do together, however big or small, makes an impact to your broader identity – how a brand is received by customers, what they think of you and what makes them think of you. This might include logos, straplines and the core assets that unite a brand – as well as stationery, signage, websites, brochures, language, imagery, strategy, everything.

Campaigns &

Articulating a brand isn’t always easy, but we can guide you to uncover and amplify the important stories, and communicate them with flair. We write strategies, conceive ads, showcase your product. Once a campaign is put together, we can prepare and package what you need to who you need, ready to spread the word.


We’re ready for all scales of photography, to make sure you look as good as you should. Our shoots are conducted with efficiency in mind, maximising what we can output in post-production. The journey of an image – whether still or moving – from camera to publication is a craft in itself and one that we take pride in.

Gear, locations, sets, props, models, stock, materials… we can take care of it all.


Some stories are best told by video. We can record activity, process, emotion — we can make truly moving moving image.

Copywriting &

We use words to enlighten, to make sense, reassure. We make the complicated comprehensible and the monotonous colourful. Memorable headlines, smart straplines, concise details, flowing body, captivating captions, retweetable tweets, charming naming, you name it. We’ll grasp what needs to be said and communicate it for you — plus editing, translating, typesetting.


Print projects, when done right, make content easily absorbed and appreciated. Whether to communicate information or emotion, feeling paper with the human hand is forever enchanting, and at the very least just handy.

We can handle short or long runs, digital or litho, quick or bespoke. We can oversee the design and any management that it might entail, liaising with paper merchants and printers, so you don’t have to.

Web & Digital

Naturally we’re a tech savvy studio and we can design, assemble and populate your next digital hub(s) — be it a microsite or website, e-commerce, e-shots or Instagram. Every project can benefit from an online presentation.

And you needn’t worry about the nitty gritty of domains and hosting and security and servers and privacy and GDPR and data and SEO and omg — we can advise you accordingly.

Work with us
wwwe can start with a phone call, an email, a meeting. And we can work together this week or next month, for a day or a year. To speak with Elliot or Tai-li, ring +44 (0) 20 3813 9801 or ping sparks@wireforks.com and we’ll go from there!