Elliot Paine

Founded Wireforks: 1999 👑
Studied: LCC fka. London College of Printing & Distributive Trades (LCP) back then 😂
Lived: Yes
Born: UK 1974

Tai-li Lee

Joined Wireforks: 2011? 2012?
Studied: Goldsmiths College 👨‍💻‍ and Imperial College for a bit 🙄
Lived: London only
Born: UK 1992

Satoko Tajima

Joined Wireforks: August 2015
Studied: Central Saint Martins
Lived: Tokyo, Seoul, London, Tokyo ✈️
Born: Japan 1990

Aya Kudo

Joined Wireforks: June 2016 ☀️
Studied: Akita International, Wilfrid Laurier, Shillington College ✍️
Lived: Osaka, Akita, Tokyo, Ontario, London
Born: Japan 1985

Maasa Yamanashi

Joined Wireforks: September 2016
Studied: Tama Art University, Goldsmiths College, Chelsea College of Arts 😏
Lived: Tokyo, Yokohama, London
Born: 1987

Akino Tagami

Joined Wireforks: June 2017 📅
Studied: Tohoku University of Art & Design 👩‍🎨
Lived: Sendai, Tokyo, London
Born: Japan 1984

Forks, Prongs and maybe
a Spoon or two

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